Here at Mitchell Gray Consulting we offer a wide range of services for business of all sizes. We have over 15 years expertise in the following markets; Financial, Aviation, Pharmaceutical, Gaming and Government. We work globally helping companies and non-profits to deliver more value – wether that is revenue growth, market share increase, customer satisfaction, time to market or NPS.


We offer a range of services.

Lean Agile ways of working

Agile training (Scrum, SAFe, Kanban)

Portfolio and Program management

Coaching and Mentoring

Rescue failing projects/programs

Work visualization and value optimization

Empowering workforces

Roadmaps and Strategic Planning


We can provide consultants to work with your company to help you grow during these difficult and varied times. These could be part time or longer term engagements. All our consultants will have expertise relevant to your market sector and years of experience working with customers and stakeholders.

We can offer consultancy and help in the following area:

IT & Development

Project/Program Management

Product delivery

Service alignment


Governance & risk management

Audit (internal and external)



We offer bespoke training for our clients on a range of topics. These courses can be on-site or fully remote. We can offer certified training with most leading bodies in agile, development and management disciplines.

  • Executive workshops
  • Scaled Agile – SAFe 5.0
  • Agile ways of working
  • Scrum Master & Product Owner
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Portfolio and Program management
  • Team building and empowerment
  • Work prioritisation
  • Design thinking and prototyping solutions



We will reach out to you soon.